Saturday, 21 September 2013

Nastya's operation

Praise God for Nastya's successful operation.  She had a hernia which she obtained from carrying water from a well to their home in a village where they lived.  I met Natasha her mom at the turbuculosis hospital and she started coming to Immanuel church.  She had spent time in jail where she went to the Church that was there.  Marik, her son, also has a hernia from carrying water from the well and will be having an operation in the near future.  We were able to help a bit with medicine and medical costs.  As well, since the hospitals don't give three meals a day and not for Natasha as a mother, I brought some soup and kasha for them to eat.  Already they have removed the stiches and she is doing well.  Here is a picture of them below.

Please keep praying for PIZHE centre.  Especially for the young men that are staying there.  Some are doing well where as there are a few really struggling.  I would ask for prayer as we try to help them set obtainable goals and encourage them to seek Christ and His Will in everything.  Here is a picture of them with one of the night staff workers.

Valery Stepanovich, Misha, Igor, Denis, Sergei, Tima and Alyosha.
Your prayers are very needed.  It's very difficult for some of them to change and our humble circumstances aren't the most ideal for this but we are trying our best.  We really depend on the Holy Spirit to do a miraculous work.  As well, please pray for one of my street gals Tanya who has disappeared.  She was once doing very well in her walk with Christ.  She fell in temptation and has been having difficult getting back on track with her relationship with Christ.  This is very painful to witness.  But what is impossible for man is possible with God!
Also, please continue to pray for our children's ministry and the desired after school tutoring program that we would like to have.  We so far haven't found a Christian teacher that can do this for the small gratitude that we can afford.  These children come Sunday evenings for our Sunday children's Christian club.  They are from needy non- Christian homes.  We witness to their moms, some of whom were street children that I ministered to over 10 years ago.
God bless you all! 

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Greetings from Ukraine!  A late congradulations on Sept. 1st which was the official first day of school... even on a Sunday... and Sept. 2nd which was the official Odessa city day!

Well, for those who know this ministry, our ministry centre Pyt, Istina and Zhizn (The Way, the Truth and the Life) has been strengthing slowly.  We have a present 5 young men that stay there.  Two became baptized and are members of the Emmanuel church and People's church in Odessa.  One is slowly changing from a life of drunkeness on the streets to working and regularily attending church as well as some church youth events.  One other recently had to return due to some circumstances but is doing well spiritually and is a member of the Assemblies of God church.  Another is supposed to leave us soon.

Last Sunday after our church service we met with our now 5 evening staff members.  3 from Emmanuel church and 2 from Exodus church.  We discussed issues of how to develop the ministry further, education for the staff, how to help the young men grow spiritually and set life goals in order to live independent productive lives.  We discussed problems that needed to be solved and how to look for other potential young men in need of this transition accomodation.  Here is a picture of myself and the other staff members.

We also have every Sunday evening a children's program where from several to 12 children all from non Christian homes and very poor disfunctional families.  Tonya and Ira from Emmanuel church help with this program.  Most interesting for me is the fact that I used to search for some of their mothers (when they were 13 yrs.) with their grandmothers to bring them home.  Now, I have the privilege of working with their children in hopes to teach them about Jesus and Christian morals in hopes that they won't repeat their mother's mistakes.  Our hopes is to start an after school program Mon- Fri. to help with homework and a snack from about 2 pm to 5 pm.  However, we still haven't found a teacher that would come for the small gratitude that we could afford.
I at present am taking care of a 5 year old girl.  Her mother also one of my former street children and is seriously ill.  She asked me to take her for 'a couple of days' which in the past usually means a few weeks.  But it is a joy and I get the chance to teach her also about Jesus.  Takes a bit more discipline but it's a joy to have her.  Never boring and a lot of laughs.
I can only post pictures of people or their children that I serve if they personally agree.  This is a very sensitive issue which is related to trust issues here.
Please pray for stability and development of the half-way house.  For God to bring those in need.  For those that are here to grow spiritually and develop socially so they can lead independently and productively.
Please pray that we can find teacher for the after school program.
One of my street gals Tanya has disappeared.  Please pray for her protection and that she will be found.
Please pray that God will annoint me with the gift of administration to get a lot of administration things done.  Also, support is down for both ministry and for my personal support.  This is mainly related to my lack of communication which is the reason for this blog.  Please pray about this.
The beginning of October my temporary residency permit expires and I need to renew this.  Please pray for a smooth non expensive new or continuation of my existing permit.  This is quite a stressful process and sometimes can be very expensive getting documents ready.
Well, that's it for now!!  God bless!!!!
In His Peace,
Lisa   :-)