Monday, 9 December 2013

Well Odessa is getting a bit colder.  Praise God for His continual care over all the youth and children we serve here.  This is picture of our Christian Children's Club that we hold every Sunday evening.  Depending on the circumstances we have anywhere's from 2 to 14 children all from non-Christian and underpriviledged homes.  Here we usually sing Christian children songs, have a Bible lesson, craft and snack.  Right now we have a problem that because the children come from very unstable backgrounds, they are very difficult and offend each other with hurtful words, even physical aggression.  One mother refused to send three of her children, although one of her children is as agressive as those she accused offended her children.  We try to teach them about forgiveness and love, but sometimes very difficult to difuse the situation.  My desire is to have an after school program where we help with homework but I haven't been able to find a Christian teacher who could do this for the small amount we can offer. 

Please pray for wisdom and God given ability to help these children be more loving to one another.  Also, that God will help us find a teacher and start the after school program.

Natasha from my last blog has invited me to the TB hospital.  I bring my guitar and a small number of us gather.  We sing a bit and have a Bible discussion.  As it is a TB hospital, unfortunately there aren't many people willing to go with me.  But God has blessed all the same.  Olya, a young lady with two daughters just received Christ and has started reading the Bible. 

Please continue to pray for Natasha's daughter Nastya who has encountered difficulties after her operation.  Also, Natasha is trying to move her children to a sanitory for children whose parents are ill with TB.  Please pray for God to work out the details.  Please pray for that God will protect me from TB and bless these visits so that they are spiritually fruitful.

Please continue to pray for the young men and the night staff who are at the PIZHE centre.


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